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Council Newsletters:

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Previous Council Newsletters can be found in the Archive Page

The work of Council is reported in the Bulletin in various guises each year: notably in the Council Newsletter, the General Secretary’s annual report, and the President’s report to the AGM, as recorded in the minutes of that meeting. This has entailed much ingenuity on the part of the General Secretary and, perhaps, some degree of boredom on the part of the readers.

It has been decided, therefore, that from this year the President’s report to the AGM will be published in the spring Bulletin, with additional comments by the General Secretary where appropriate, and the AGM minutes will contain only a reference to the Bulletin in which it can be found. This will also have the advantage that the detailed report from the President is available at the earliest possible date for members who could not attend the AGM.

 Mike Walton, October 2003



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