Day 1: Barranco del Infierno, and Barranco del Rey nr. Ifonche

Barrancos are usually dry gorges and valleys in the arid south of the island, with a semi-desert vegetation and xerophytic bryophytes. The Barranco del Infierno is unusual in that it ends in a waterfall, and is the only known site for Platyhypnidium torrenticola (see J.Bryol (1998) 20: 403-408). The waterfall at the end of the barranco, where we found the plant, is not the type locality, which is a little way further down. Please see David Rycroft's Barranco del Infierno waterfall page for the solution to this mystery.

Barranco del Infierno


Gigaspermum mouretii Corb.


Gigaspermum mouretii Corb.


Locality for Platyhypnidium torrenticola

Platyhypnidium torrenticola (Ochyra, C. Schmidt & Bültmann) Ochyra & Bednarek-Ochyra


Anacolia webbii (Mont.) Schimp.


Oxymitra incrassata (Brot.) Sérgio et Sim-Sim


Riccia trichocarpa M.Howe