Day 5: Orotava valley, Roque Acebe, Dorsal Ridge

This woodland consists mainly of introduced Pinus radiata, and is drier than the Anaga area, although still benefiting from cloud. There is some laurel, and paths run alongside alongside north-facing exposed rocky banks and more sheltered gullies. The Roque Acebe is a volcanic dyke higher up on the dorsal ridge. It is made from a coarsely crystalline rock that seems to be the favoured substrate for Andreaea heinemannii. The rather unusual looking Grimmia laevigata cushions are also from this locality.

Aguamansa forest


Rock exposures


Amphidium tortuosum (Hornsch.) Cufod.


Antitrichia californica Sull.


Bryum canariense Brid.


Grimmia decipiens (Schultz) Lindb.


Syntrichia princeps (De Not.) Mitt.

Andreaea heinemannii Hampe & Müll. Hal.


Grimmia laevigata (Brid.) Brid.


roadside exposure on dorsal ridge