These pages contain images of some of the localities visited and plants seen during the BBS meeting in the Isle-of-Wight. The meeting was arranged by Lorna Snow, and we were led in the field by Rod Stern.

The map shows the approximate positions of localities visited. The images are listed below:

1. Bohemia Bog

A small wet acid area, which is a rare locality on the island.

Sphagnum cuspidatum

Sphagnum denticulatum

Sphagnum fimbratum

Aneura pinguis

2. Bonchurch Landslip

An old landslip, now mostly wooded and overgrown with ivy.

Bryum bicolor
Leptobarbula berica

Physcomitrium pyriforme
Cololejeunea minutissima

3. Briddlesford Copse

Mixed ancient woodland on boulder clay. There is also a railway track constructed using chalk rubble running through the wood, and a Keeper's Cottage with an interesting clay-tiled roof.

Grimmia ovalis

Hypnum andoi
Omalia trichomanoides
Orthotrichum lyellii
Seligeria calycina
Zygodon baumgartneri

4. Buddle Brook

A damp wood on the greensand.

Hookeria lucens
Metzgeria fruticulosa
Metzgeria furcata
Metzgeria temperata

5. Arable field near Brook

The original UK site for Chenia, where it is still found.

Chenia leptophylla

6. Fattingpark copse

A damp copse on boulder clay.

Fissidens exilis
Neckera pumila
Pleuridium acuminatum
Syntrichia laevipila
Radula complanata

7. Chalk turf above Preston's Bower, The Needles

A steep S-facing slope well grazed by rabbits.

Microbryum curvicolle
Microbryum rectum
Microbryum starckeanum

8. Rocken End

An area of old chalk landslip on the S tip of the island.

Acaulon triquetrum
Aloina aloides
Weissia longifolia
var. angustifolia

9. Shanklin

Both Shanklin Chine (a ravine) and the nearby moist greensand cliffs were visited.

Bryum gemmiferum
Epipterygium tozeri
Philonotis marchica
Anthoceros punctatus

10. Shide Chalk Pit

An old large chalk quarry with a stream and tufa.

Gymnostomum viridulum
Pseudocrossidium revolutum
Seligeria calcarea

11. Strawberry Lane Chalk Pit

A small chalk pit on the S facing escarpment.

Microbryum starckeanum
Pleurochaete squarrosa

12. Woodhouse copse

A damp copse close to the sea.

Bryum capillare (with male infloresences)
Leskea polycarpa
Orthotrichum pulchellum


J D Sleath