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Spring meeting in Campania, Italy 2006

Day 1: 23rd February 2006

N of Lago, towards P.Tresino, Cilento National Park


Trackside exposure in Pinus halepensis woodland


Fossombronia caespitiformis


Achisma carniolicum


Eurhynchium megapolitanum


Chris Preston and Tom Blockeel investigate a Riccia-rich flush


Riccia bicarinata

Riccia subbifurca


Riccia gougetiana


Riccia nigrella


Phaeoceros laevis


We stop for lunch in the vineyard .....
(photo: Luca Miserere)



....where Roberto quickly gets to work on the salami


Travertine walls of the ancient city of Paestum


Cheilothela chloropus


Timmiella barbuloides

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