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Living collections (Denver Botanic Gardens' Accessions), herbarium specimens, and associated images.

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Enter one or more words from the scientific or common name (excluding authorities or cultivar indicators eg. cv).

Entries can be either upper case or lower case.

Either * or ] can be used as wildcard characters at the end of any search values. For example to search for all values starting with Gent, enter

	gent*   or   gent]
Multiple search criteria should be separated by a comma.
For example to lookup only Gentiana acaulis L., enter:

      gentiana acaulis

To look up both Gentiana acaulis L. and Rhododendron lepidotum Wall. ex G.Don, enter:

	gentiana acaulis, rhododendron lepidotum.

These data are extracted from the on-line Living Collections database, BG-BASE, and made available on the Web using the HTMLEXPORT software developed at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

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