Dr Rocio Belinchon
Dr Brian Coppins
Ms Sally Eaton
Dr Christopher Ellis
Ms Louise Olley
Dr Rebecca Yahr

Primary Research Themes:
Epiphyte Ecology
Historical Biogeography
Global Change Biology
Taxonomy and Systematics

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Lichens at RBGE

Lichens are a fascinating and important study group in biology.

> The lichen relationship between fungal partner and photobiont is a model system used to explore the role of symbiosis in structuring the evolutionary process.

> In ecology, contrasting lichens and their functional traits are used to understand the species response to environmental drivers, and the processes structuring communities.

> Lichens are functionally important in food-webs and nutrient cycles, and are a focal-group in conservation biology. Nevertheless, lichens are the domain of the specialist biologist, and remain less extensively studied than vascular plants.

> Basic descriptive taxonomy and biogeography remain fundamentally important in most regions of the world, especially the tropics.

RBGE lichenology delivers an internationally-recognised research-programme focused on the themes of taxonomy and biogeography, ecology and conservation biology.

Our research has special relevance to lichen biodiversity in Scotland. To learn more about lichens, visit The British Lichen Society website.