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Araucaria species profiles

Worldwide the genus contains 19 extant species variously arranged into 2-4 sections depending on the taxonomic treatment applied. The 13 New Caledonian Araucaria species form a closely related assemblage all belonging to one section of the genus (Eutacta). The New Caledonian species occur in habitats and soil types ranging from coastal to mountain top, and from calcareous substrates to ultramafic soils. They are all monoecious trees and occur in a range of population sizes and densities.

Whilst there are clear-cut differences between some of the species, for others it is more difficult to define species boundaries and there can be real difficulties in determining the identity of some populations. This presents problems for conservation as determining the range and abundance of a species first requires that it can be identified and surveyed accurately.

Below is a series of maps and links to photographs of the different species. These represent a combination of our own field observations and those of our collaborators, but the primary source of the maps is De Laubenfels's account in the Flora of New Caledonia. As our work progresses we will update these distribution maps as our understanding of species limits evolves. See also the Araucaria Biodiversity Database (in the Resources side bar) for further information on these species.

Interactive Species Distribution Map

By hovering over the arrows below you can preview each species distribution. Clicking on the arrows will open a species profile window.
The Black areas represent ultramafic substrate.
(work in progress)

A. bernieri A. luxurians A. schmidii
A. biramulata A. montana A. scopulorum

A. columnaris

A. muelleri A. subulata
A. humboldtensis A. nemorosa    
A. laubenfelsii A. rulei    

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