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PhD Dissertation, Richard Park

In 1992, Richard Park completed a PhD on the ecology of sublittoral epipelic diatoms in Loch Goil, supervised by David Mann. Loch Goil is a fully marine sea loch in Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland. The study involved seasonal sampling from 1988 to 1990, at depths of 9 and 11 m, and detailed studies of patchiness, depth distribution (sampled down to 40 m), and the effects of disturbance and grazing. His unpublished dissertation is made available here and can be cited as:Park, R.A. (1992). The ecology of epipelic diatoms in Loch Goil. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Edinburgh. ii + 262 pp.

The dissertation comprises the following chapters:

The dissertation can be downloaded as eight pdfs (note the file sizes!), as follows:

David Mann
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
February 2014

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