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PhD Dissertation, University of Bristol

Mann, D.G. (1978). Studies in the Nitzschiaceae (Bacillariophyta). Vols 1 & 2. xxxiii + 386 pp. + 146 plates. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Bristol.

Nitzschia sect. Tryblionella

Partly on the basis of data analysed in the 1978 dissertation, and partly on the basis of further LM and SEM data, I later re-established the genus Tryblionella W. Smith (1853, Synopsis of British Diatomaceae, vol. 1, p. 35) for members of Nitzschia sect. Tryblionella. This was done in 1990 [in F.E. Round, R.M. Crawford & D.G. Mann (1990). The diatoms. Biology and morphology of the genera. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: see pp 614-615 and 677-679), where we also made many new combinations. I have not yet published a detailed analysis elsewhere and so, as with Nitzschia sect. Panduriformes (= Psammodictyon), the dissertation text remains a significant document.

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