Sellaphora blackfordensis: holotype


Mann D.G., McDonald S.M., Bayer M.M., Droop S.J.M., Chepurnov V.A., Loke R.E., Ciobanu A. and du Buf J.M.H. (2004) The Sellaphora pupula species complex (Bacillariophyceae): morphometric analysis, ultrastructure and mating data provide evidence for five new species. Phycologia 43: 459-482

p. 476

Sellaphora blackfordensis D.G. Mann & S. Droop, sp. nov. Holotype on slide Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E). 'Blackford Pond, Dec. '83, mud (tissue), E16/4'. Edinburgh, Scotland, NT 253709. Holotype specimen at England Finder reference  S39/4 (bottom and RH edges of the finder slide co-located with the top and LH edges of the specimen slide, when the label is to the left).

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