Algae World: Sellaphora

Interphase cell structure

Sellaphora bacillum

Sellaphora bacillum (interference contrast optics)

On loading, this page will display a series of photographs showing progressively deeper levels within a single interphase cell of Sellaphora bacillum, from the epivalve to the hypovalve (Firefox handles this better than Internet Explorer). Clicking on the image will give an enlarged version (which opens in a new window: you may need to wait for a short time) as an interactive focusable stack.

The series of images can also be viewed as a video (.avi file) [we strongly recommend that you use QuickTime for this, because it will allow you to select individual frames or move backwards or forwards through the sequence] 

This cell is shown in 'valve view', i.e. with the valves in face view, perpendicular to the line of sight. A similar cell is presented in 'girdle view' on the next page.

What can be seen?

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