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BBS Committees

Executive Committee

Terms of reference : To act on urgent matters arising between Council meetings.

Members : President, Vice-president, Treasurer, General Secretary (convener)


Conservation and Recording Committee

Terms of reference: The Committee is responsible for recommending policies to the Council for the conservation of bryophytes and their habitats and the recording activities of the Society, and for supporting the Conservation Officers and the Recording Secretaries in their work.

Convener : O.L. Pescott as Joint Recording Secretary [rotates biennially with Conservation Officer]

Members 2018 : Ex officio GP Rothero, OL Pescott, NG Hodgetts, TL Blockeel, F Rumsey, GS Motley, JL Denyer, CD Preston

Appointed by Council NG Hodgetts, EM Kungu, R. Lansdown, SL Pilkington,

Co-opted Jonathan Cox, D Genney, D. Lamacraft, N Lockhart, A. Maddock


Publications Committee

Terms of reference : The Committee is an advisory group that is responsible for monitoring all of the publishing activities of the Society and for making recommendations to the Council to ensure that the Society's publishing activities meet its objectives and that they are as cost-effective as possible.

Convener : Neil Bell, as Chair

Members 2018 : Ex officio EM Kungu (Journal Managing Editor), S Pressel * (Field Bryology Editor), J Wilbraham * (Field Bryology Editor), DF Chamberlain (Treasurer), A. Baker (Website Editor)

Appointed by Council N. Bell, M. Crittenden, S.L. Pilkington
* until replacements in post


Education and Training Committee

Terms of reference : The Committee is an advisory group that is responsible for promotion of bryological training and education within Britain & Ireland.

Convener : M.F. Godfrey (Chair)

Members 2018 : R.H. Carter, M.F. Godfrey, N. Law, S.L. Pilkington, G. Quartly-Bishop

Bequest Committee

Terms of reference : The Bequest Committee has delegated authority to make awards from the Bequest Fund without further reference to Council.

Convener : J. W. Bates, Chairman

Members 2017-8 : Dr D Chamberlain (as Treasurer), Dr JW Bates, Dr MAS Burton, M Pool, M F Godfrey


Honorary Membership Committee

Terms of reference : To advise Council on the nomination of Honorary Members and, with the Journal Editor, to decide whether or not obituaries should be commissioned for members who have died.

Convener : R.H. Carter, General Secretary.

Members : President, Past-president, previous Past-president, General Secretary


Tropical Bryology Group

Terms of reference : To promote the study of tropical bryophytes; to involve as many members of the BBS. as possible in this activity; and to support bryologists working in the tropics.

Co-ordinator : Joanna Wilbraham, Botany, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD.


[Nomenclature Committee – suspended until required]

Objectives : (i) To maintain a list of bryophyte taxa in the British and Irish flora, (ii) To add new taxa when they are discovered, (iii) To add taxa when revisions seem to justify them, (iv) To propose taxa to be deleted, (v) To propose amendments to nomenclature, including amendments to taxonomic rank, and (vi) To advise the Recorder of Mosses and the Recorder of Liverworts when a new Census Catalogue or checklist revision is due

Contacts : Recorder for Liverworts and Recorder for Mosses.


(Last updated March 2018)

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