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Library sales and loans

BBS Library

The BBS library consists of over 1,000 books, runs of several bryological journals and many thousands of reprints. It was moved to Preston Montford Field Studies Centre, [Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 1DX] in 2007, and is available to BBS members to visit and browse, and to purchase self-photocopied items. Catalogues to the books and larger separates and the reprints are available (to members only) as pdfs on request from Members visiting the library should contact the Head of Centre Adrian Pickles 0845 330 7378 well in advance to arrange a visit and any photocopying while there. Overnight accommodation and meals may be well available depending on the time of year.


Photographic Archive

A pdf of the digitised portraits of around 200 former BBS members is available on request from the BBS librarian.

For loan

(a) Microscope stage-micrometer slide for calibration of eye-piece graticules. 10m divisions. Instructions provided. Refundable loan deposit 50 (cheque payable to BBS).

(b) Student Microscope. Available to a project student for one year. Self collection from Loughton.

For sale

As Transactions of the British Bryological Society and Journal of Bryology back issues are now available to members on-line, and as there have been zero requests for some time, the large volume of stock has been disposed of apart from two sets as future insurance against loss of the on-line facility. Our current publisher Taylor & Francis, Customer Services, Informa U.K. Ltd, Sheepen Place, Colchester, Essex C03 3LP only maintain a two-year back issue stock of J. of Bryology. Older back issues in printed form are available from Periodical Service Company, 351 Fairview Ave., Suite 300, Hudson, New York 12534.USA. (Very expensive).

Some back numbers of the BBS Bulletins (1.00 each) and most of the issues of Field Bryology (5.00 each) are still available for purchase from the BBS librarian although remaining stock is limited.

BBS Special Volumes

Vol.1. Longton, R.E. & Perry, A.R. (1985) Proceedings of the Jubilee Meeting 1983. 89pp.6.00
Vol.2 Newton, M.E. (1989). A practical guide to bryophyte chromosomes. 19pp.2.50
Vol.3 O'shea, B.J. (1989) A guide to collecting bryophytes in the tropics. 28pp.3.50
Vol.4 Edwards, S.R. (1992) Mosses in English literature. 44pp.OUT OF PRINT
Vol.5 Edwards, S.R. (2012) English names for British Bryophytes. 4th edition.4.00
Hill, M.O., Blackstock, T.H., Long, D.G. & Rothero, G.P. (2008), A checklist and census catalogue of British & Irish Bryophytes. (Updated to 2008). 9.00 incl. p&p, order online here

Other items

Adams, K.J., Microscope techniques for the bryologist. Part 1. A beginner's guide. 1.00, or free as a pdf
Adams, K.J., Microscope techniques for the bryologist. Part 2. Bryophyte microscopy tips. Available as a pdf
Grolle, R. & Long, D.G. (2000) An annotated check list of the Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of Europe & Macaronesia.3.00
Pearman, M.A. (1979) A short German-English bryological glossary.0.50
Chinese x20 and x30 hand lenses25 (x20)/39.50 (x30)
Idealtek no.3 stainless steel forceps10.50
BBS Car sticker 1.00
Miniblades (section cutting) pack of 102.00
Eyepiece micrometer scale 1cm/100 (plastic)4.00

Please do not send payment with orders. Customers will be invoiced for the correct amount including p&p. If ordering by letter please ensure your address and postcode are legible. For on-line orders items will be sent and the invoice sent via e-mail once the postage is known.

All the above are available from the BBS librarian: Ken Adams, 63 Wroths Path, Loughton. Essex. IG10 1SH, UK (email:





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