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Field Bryology - Previous Issues 2016-18

Articles in theses issues are available via the links below as Acrobat PDF files.

Volume 115 May 2016

Site-based grid-mapping: populations of notable hyper-oceanics in Wales. Des Callaghan
Bryum capillarewith deciduous shoots – a means of asexual propagation? Martin Godfrey
Hedwigia striata in Britain and Ireland. Tom Blockeel & Sam Bosanquet
Buxbaumia viridis hot-spot survives severe flooding. John Agnew & Shaila Rao
Revised lists of nationally rare and scarce bryophytes for Britain. Oli Pescott
An unknown Didymodon, our latest “must see” moss. Mark Lawley
More on Mielichhoferia mielichhoferiana. N. Hodgetts

Rare and Interesting

Meeting reports
BBS Spring Meeting 2015: Freiburg, Germany
BBS Summer Meeting 2015: Eryri/Snowdonia, Wales
BBS Summer meeting 2015: Isle of Eigg, Scotland

News and Society business

New County Records
The liverwort year - 2015. Sam Bosanquet
The moss year - 2015. Tom Blockeel




Volume 116 November 2016

Where is Bruchia vogesiaca? Des Callaghan
Channelled crystalwort Riccia canaliculata in England. Sharon Pilkington
Atrichum angustatum in Britain - its status and conservation. RV Lansdown, TW Ottley, E Phillips & FJ Rumsey
Liverwort Key. John Lowell
Cladopodiella fluitans and iron deposition on Dersingham Bog National Nature Reserve. Robin Stevenson & Julia Masson
A new key to Grimmia in Britain and Ireland. Ron Porley

Meeting reports
BBS Autumn Meeting 2015: Preston Montford
BBS Spring Meeting 2016: Radnorshire
Grimmia workshop

News and Society business

Changes to the Membership List, October 2016



Volume 117 May 2017

Ebbor Gorge: a case study of a voluntary SSSI survey. Sharon Pilkington
Classification of sporophyte conditions in Buxbaumia viridis. Des Callaghan & Stewart Taylor
The Ulota group in Britain and Ireland, with notes on other species in the genus. Tom Blockeel & Sam Bosanquet
Buxbaumia viridis - the hunt. Clare Rickerby & Julie Smith
Sphagnum fuscum and Sphagnum beothuk in Britain and Ireland.. Mark Hill

Beginner's Corner
Puzzling hoary mosses: Grimmia, Schistidium and Racomitrium. Sharon Pilkington

Bryophytes abroad
Bryophytes of the Cyclades, Greece: the flora of the Island of Andros. Tom Blockeel

Meeting reports
BBS-SEB International Meeting 2017: Andalusia, Spain
BBS Summer Meeting 2016: Tyrone, Northern Ireland
BBS Summer Meeting 2016: Donegal, Ireland

News and Society business

New County Records
The liverwort year - 2016. Sam Bosanquet
The moss year - 2016. Tom Blockeel

Action for Cornish Path-moss. Des Callaghan



Volume 118 November 2017

Whale bones: the world’s most endangered bryophyte habitat. Jeffrey Duckett

Bryophytes abroad
Bryological Studies on Trindade Island, South Atlantic. Paulo Câmara & Micheline Carvalho Silva

Rare and interesting

Meeting reports
BBS Autumn Meeting 2016: Manchester University
BBS Spring Meeting 2017: Jersey

News and society business

Future meetings and courses

Re-finding Fossombronia foveolata at Thursley Common, Surrey. Silvia Pressel, Jill Kowal, Jeffrey Duckett



Volume 119 May 2018

Protected bryophyte site reports now available on-line for the Republic of Ireland Neil Lockhart

Meeting reports
BBS Summer Meeting 2017: West Perthshire and Stirlingshire, Scotland
BBS Summer Meeting 2017: Applecross, Scotland

News and Society business
Council Newsletter no. 34

New County Records
The liverwort year - 2017. Sam Bosanquet
The moss year - 2017. Tom Blockeel

Action for Mediterranean rarities at Talland Bay Des Callahan


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