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BBS Reading Circle

The Reading Circle is open to all members of the BBS, and provides a service enabling them to be aware of recent publications in some of the major bryological journals. A photocopy of the contents page is sent to members for each of the journals (listed below) for which they choose to subscribe. Members may then order a photocopy of any article of interest, within the provisions of the Copyright Act. Members may also, at the discretion of the Reading Circle Secretary, borrow a journal for a limited period for the cost of return postage. The following journals are available:

  • Annales Botanici Fennici: 4 issues per year by the Finnish Botanical Publishing Board.
  • The Bryologist: 4 issues per year, journal of the American Bryological and Lichenological Society.
  • Cryptogamie. Bryologie: 4 issues per year by the Laboratoire de Cryptogamie in Paris.
  • Nova Hedwigia: 4 issues per year. J Cramer, Stuttgart.
  • Lindbergia: 3 issues per year by the Nordic Bryological and Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Societies.

New members should choose an initial subscription appropriate for the number of journals for which they wish to receive contents, to cover the cost of photocopying and second class postage. Current photocopying costs are 5p per A4 sheet (6p if two pages back to back). The Reading Circle Secretary will try to make photocopies in the most economical manner. Each member has an account in his/her name and this must be kept in credit. A reminder is sent out when the balance is getting low and distribution of contents lists will cease when the balance is exhausted. Payment should be sent to the Reading Circle Secretary and cheques made out to the British Bryological Society.

Further details and sample contents pages of the above journals can be obtained from the Reading Circle Secretary:
Martin Godfrey, 6 Darnford Close, Parkside, Stafford ST16 1LR.

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