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Vice-county 9




BBS Vice-county recorder:

Bryan Edwards,
Dorset Environmental Records Centre (DERC),
Library Headquarters, Colliton Park,
Dorchester, DT1 1XJ


Accounts of previous meetings in the County:

Click on the links below for the meeting reports:


A Very Slow Exploration: 40 Years of Bryology in Dorset, England

A paper by Mark Hill and Bryan Edwards presented at the 2002 AGM.


A Bryological tour through Dorset

Bryan Edwards' account taken from:

Hill, M.O. & Edwards, B. (2003) Mosses and liverworts of Dorset. Dorset Environmental Records Centre, Dorchester.

Local Floras

BOWEN, H.J.M. (2000). The flora of Dorset. Newbury: Pisces Publications.

HILL, M.O. & EDWARDS, B. (2003). Mosses and liverworts of Dorset. Dorchester: Dorset Environmental Records Centre.


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