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Bryophyte portraits: Sematophyllum substrumulosum (Hampe) E.Britton



Sematophyllum substrumulosum was first recorded from the British Isles in 1997 from Tresco in the Scilly Isles by David Holyoak. It them subsequently transpired that it had previously been collected at Kingley Vale NNR. It may indeed be a much more widespread native, bearing in mind the resemblance to other fairly nondescript pleurocarpous mosses. Further details can be found in the paper published in Field Bryology 87 by Howard Matcham, Ron Porley and Brian O' Shea, the text of which can be downloaded as a pdf file here. The photographs were all taken of plants growing at Kingley Vale except for the last, and were all provided by Ron Porley except where mentioned otherwise.





Photo: Des Callaghan


S.substrumulosum on pine in Tresco. Photo: Jonathan Sleath








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