From coast to summit - Bugles and Selfheal The origin of the name 'Bugle' is obscure.
Pyramidal Bugle flowers
Selfheal flowers
The Pyramidal Bugle Ajuga pyramidalis has leafy bracts that have a strong purple tinge around the flowers. The plants grow from a single rosette which makes the base of the 'pyramid'. When not in flower the rosettes are less easily identified.
The Common Bugle Ajuga reptans also has spikes of blue flowers and blue-tinged leafy bracts but the spike is narrower with widely-spaced, smooth leaves. This species has creeping stems and is common in woods and shady places.
Selfheal Prunella vulgaris can look similar to Bugle but the leaves and stem are softly hairy and the leafy bracts between the flowers are not conspicuous. It is common in grassland, gardens and disturbed areas all over Scotland.
Pyramidal Bugle leafy rosette
Bugle leaves
Selfheal leaves