From coast to summit - parts of the flower 2
Viola sepals Stitchwort Elderberry flowers Lime flowers
petals are usually the coloured parts of the flower also called the corolla
sepals are often green and a different colour from the petals. Also called the calyx
stamens on the end of stalks called filaments have pollen in tiny sacs
the stigma on a stalk, (the style) is where the pollen lands for fertilisation
Lime flowers Common Whitlowgrass inferior ovary Snowdrop Primrose carpel
the ovary below the style is where the seeds develop seen on this Lime flower
a superior ovary develops inside the flower above the petals and sepals
an inferior ovary is found beneath where the petals and sepals are attached
a carpel is the name for the ovary, style and stigma together - on a primrose