From coast to summit - parts of the flower 3
Umbel compound umbel Cowslip Ivy fruits
An umbel is when lots of flowers have stems radiating from one point
Most of the Carrot family have compound umbels, smaller umbels on stems
Cowslips also have umbels but are in the Primrose family Primulaceae
Ivy also has flowers in umbels but is in the Ivy family Araliaceae
Strawberry epicalyx Dandelion flower-head Heath Cinquefoil Common Lady-fern
an epicalyx is when the usual sepals are present with an additional layer of smaller sepals on top
Daisy family plants such as the dandelion have hairs for the calyx which later become a parachute
Palmate leaves are deeply divided and all the leaflets come from a central point attached to the leaf stalk
Ferns are different from flowering plants as they have single-celled spores, not seeds