From coast to summit - the commoner families 1
Goosegrass Scottish Bluebell or Harebell Tuberous Comfrey Toothwort
Bedstraw or Rubiaceae have whorls of leaves along the square stems Bellflower or Campanulaceae have the petals joined into a bell Borage or Boraginaceae have petals fused at the base and four large seeds Broomrape or Orobanchaceae are parasitic; no green leaves
Kingcup or Marsh Marigold Garlic Mustard Red and White Campions umbel
Buttercup or Ranunculaceae have many stamens and carpels Cabbage or Brassicacea have four petals arranged in a cross shape Campion or Caryophyllacea have four or five petals, often divided Carrot or Apiaceae have the flowers on radiating stalks in umbels