From coast to summit - the commoner families 3
Cowberry flowers Iris Gorse flower Primrose
Heath or Ericaceae bell-shaped flowers, stamens release pollen from pores Lily or Liliaceae mostly have parts of the flower in multiples of three Pea or Fabaceae have flowers with one line of symmetry Primrose or Primulaceae have two kind of flowers called pins and thrums
Wood Avens epicalyx Rose flower Devil's-bit Scabious Rosebay Willowherb
Rose or Rosaceae that grow on the ground often have an epicalyx Rose or Rosacea are also trees and shrubs which usually have no epicalyx Teasel or Dipsacaceae look similar to the Daisy famly but have an epicalyx Willowherb or Onograceae mostly have seeds that fly away