From coast to summit - The Target 8 Project A - B

Species in bold are either in cultivation or stored as seed

Most conservation work is centred around the Target 8 Project based on the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) which has 16 Targets designed to halt the current and continuing loss of plant diversity (Revised 2011 - 2020)
Target 8 "At least 75% of threatened plant species in ex-situ collections, preferably in the country of origin, and at least 20% available for recovery and restoration programmes"
One hundred and seventy threatened species were selected as being feasible to grow at the RBGE. Of these 130 have been collected.
Pyramidal Bugle Alchemilla glaucescens

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No Scottish accessions yet
Alchemilla wichurae
Ajuga pyramidalis grows in open areas in the north and west suffers from lost habitat Vulnerable
Alchemilla glaucescens grows in a few places on lime-rich grassland Nationally Scarce
Alchemilla glomerulans appears to be declining in more acidic grassland Vulnerable
Alchemilla wichurae also suffers apparent decline on lime-rich grassland Endangered
Allium oleraceum Alpine Foxtail Arabis alpina Arabis petraea
Allium oleraceum a declining plant of dry, open ground which is now Vulnerable
Alopecurus borealis an upland species of base-poor flushes, often grazed Nationally Scarce
Arabis alpina very local in Skye. Not in cultivation yet Endangered
Northern Rockcress Arabis petraea grows in the mountains and by the sea Vulnerable
Alpine Bearberry Arenaria norvegica Norwegian Mugwort Asplenium obovatum
Alpine Bearberry Arctostaphylos alpinus grows in the north Nationally Scarce
Arenaria norvegica ssp. novegica has a few locations north and west Vulnerable
Artemisia norvegica grows on only three mountains Vulnerable
Asplenium obovatum in Scotland only occurs on one outcrop in Kintyre Nationally Scarce
Asplenium septentrionale Alpine Milk-vetch Purple Milk-vetch Alpine Lady-fern
Asplenium septentrionale grows on south-facing rocks Nationally Scarce
Alpine Milk-vetch Astragalus alpinus on limestone in four locations Vulnerable
Purple Milk-vetch Astragalus danicus mostly grows by the sea Endangered
Newman's Lady-fern


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Bartsia alpina Dwarf Birch
Athyrium distentifolium var. flexile is an endemic variety threatened by lack of winter snow cover
Atriplex praecox a coastal species nearly found all in Scotland. Nationally Scarce
Bartsia alpina a montane species that requires a host plant None cultivated Nationally Rare
Betula nana grows in upland wet areas mostly in Scotland Nationally Scarce
Blysmus compressus
Blysmus compressus has a few sites in southern Scotland and has greatly declined in England . Vulnerable