Target 8 A - B

From coast to summit - The Target 8 Project - C

Species in bold are either in cultivation or stored as seed

Calamagrostis purpurea Calamagrostis scotica Calamagrostis stricta Clustered bellflower
Calamagrostis purpurea is in a few wet sites and is not adequately mapped Nationally Rare
Calamagrostis scotica is in one site in Caithness and its status is still under review Vulnerable
Calamagrostis stricta has few sites and is not always easily identified Vulnerable
Campanula glomerata is at the northern edge of its range in Scotland

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Carex atrofusca

Carx buxbaumii

Carex chordorrhiza
Callitriche palustris has one site in Scotland and one site in Ireland Endangered
Carex atrofusca occurs in only a few areas in calcarous flushes Vulnerable
Carex buxbaumii is known from only four sites in Scotland growing in fen Vulnerable
Carex chordorrhiza occurs in two main areas with large populations in each Nationally Rare
Carex lachenalii

Carex maritima

Carex norvegica

Carex recta habitat

Carex lachenalii is associated with late snow-lie on acidic north slopes Nationally Rare
Carex maritima coastal sites mostly Scotland susceptible to disturbance Endangered
Carex norvegica is assocated with lime-rich areas of snow-lie Nationally Rare
Carex recta tall sedge at mouth of few esturies with possible hybridisation risk Vulnerable

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Cornflower Cephalanthera Alpine Mouse-ear
Carum carvi archaeophyte with few sites left but still found in Shetland Endangered
Centaurea cyanus Iron Age archaeophyte with few self-sustaining populations left Status unclear
Cephalanthera longifolia grows in calcareous woods and has suffered decline Vulnerable
Cerastium alpinum is declining, as are many montane species Vulnerable

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Shetland Mouse-ear Cerastium cerastoides
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Cerastium arcticum grows in the Cairngorms and the north west Nationally Scarce
Cerastium nigrescens grows on serpentine rock in Shetland. Endemic Endangered
Cerastium cerastoides in mountains associated with late snow-lie on wet acid rocks Nationally Scarce
Cerastium fontanum ssp scoticum in one site in Angus. Has larger seeds Vulnerable
Greater Celandine Good King Henry Corn Marigold Alpine Sow-thistle
Chelidonium majus a Roman archaeophyte declining at the northern edge of range in Scotland
Chenopodium bonus-henricus another Roman archaeophyte with few sites left. Vulnerable
Glebionis segetum Iron-age archaeophyte reduced by herbicide Vulnerable
Cicerbita alpina has only four sites in central Highlands. Does not set seed. Vulnerable

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Coralroot orchid Dwarf Cornel Crassula aquatica
Clinopodium acinos a native arable plant at northern edge of range Vulnerable
Corallorhiza trifida is a saprophytic orchid of disturbed woodland. Easily overlooked Vulnerable

Cornus seucica is a montane dwarf shrub with most found in Scotland Near Threatened

Crassula aquatica an annual found beside and under Loch Sheil Vulnerable
Crepis mollis Dickie's Bladder-fern Alpine Bladder-fern
Crepis mollis growns in upland species-rich grassland and has lost many sites Endangered
Cystopteris dickieana a small fern with distinctive spores lacking spines Vulnerable
Cystoperis montana grows on wet, lime-rich high altitude ledges. Nationally Rare