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From coast to summit - The Target 8 Project D - I

Species in bold are either in cultivation or stored as seed

Dactylorhiza ebudensis Dac traunsteinerioides Frog orchid Maiden Pink
Dactylorhiza ebudensis is locally abundant but only found in the north west islands Vulnerable
Dactylorhiza traunsteinerioides formerly D. lapponica, found in north-west
Dactylorhiza viridis widespread but declining, especially in its southern range Vulnerable
Dianthes deltoides small colonies that have suffered from habitat loss Nationally Scarce
Diapensia Diphasiastrum Rock Whitlow-grass Dryas octopetala
Diapensia lapponica grows on one mountain top near Glenfinnan. Sets no seed. Vulnerable
Diphasiastrum complanatum Only a few sites in upland heath Nationally Rare
Draba norvegica an upland plant on limestone in north and north-west Nationally Scarce
Dryas octopetala a dwarf shrub on lime-rich mountains and by the sea Nationally Scarce
Dryopteris x sarvelae Shade horsetail Equisetum variegatum Erigeron borealis
Dryopteris x sarvelae found as one big population in a wood in Kiintyre Vulnerable
Equisetum pratense in damp calcareous areas, rarely produces spores Nationally Scarce
Equisetum variegatum coastal and montane habitats in open sites Nationally Scarce
Erigeron borealis few south-facing montane sites on lime-rich rocks Vulnerable
Sea Holly Sun Spurge Purple Ramping-fumitory White Ramping-fumitory
Eryngium maritimum grows by the sea and is at the northern edge of its range in Scotland.
Euphorbia helioscopia is an archaeophyte that is declining at the northern edge of it range
Fumaria purpurea an endemic arable species possibly not well recorded Nationally Scarce
Fumaria capreolata has lost many of its sites and ususally grows near the sea
Galeopsis speciosa Genista anglica Gentianella campestris

No picture available

No Scottish accessions yet

Galeopsis speciosa an archaeophyte that has declined over most of its range Vulnerable
Genista anglica has suffered from loss of habitat on heathland and is now Near Threatened
Gentianella campestris is a hemiparasite growing on grassland suffering a loss of range Vulnerable
Gentianella uliginosa is an annual in a few coastal sites that requires an open habitat Vulnerable

Gnaphalium norvegicum

Gnaphalium sylvaticum Gymnocarpium robertianum

Hieracium calvum Critical

Hieracium kennethii Endangered

Hieracium macrocarpon Vulnerable

Hieracium notabile Endangered

No pictures avalable but all in cultivation
Gnaphalium norvegicum grows in the mountains in small populations Nationally Scarce
Gnaphalium sylvaticum short-lived plant of open sites with a decline in range Endangered
Gymnocarpium robertianum in Scotland is only found in two areas Nationally Scarce
Holy Grass Homogyne Bluebell or Wild Hyacinth

No picture available

No Scottish accessions yet

Holy Grass Hierochloe odorata forms dense stands by loch margins Nationally Rare
Homogyne alpina is found in one site in Angus, but was possibly introduced Nationally Rare
Hyacinthoides non-scripta is not uncommon but most of the European populations are in the UK
Hydrilla verticillata is possibly found in one site in south-west Scotland Vulnerable
Henbane Hypochaeris glabra Inula crithmoides
Hyoscyamus niger a Bronze-age archaeophyte that has suffered decline Vulnerable
Hypochaeris glabra an annual of dry, open habitats with few Scottish sites Vulnerable
Limbarda crithmoides at northern tip of range on cliffs at Mull of Galloway Nationally Scarce