From coast to summit - The Target 8 Project P - R

Species in bold are either in cultivation or stored as seed

Prickly Poppy

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No Scottish accessions yet

Blue Heath
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Papaver argemone an archaeophyte susceptible to herbicide with losses in Scotland Vulnerable
Persicaria minor an annual of wet places in pastures and loch margins Vulnerable
Phyllodoce caerulea is very localised in areas of winter snow cover Vulnerable
Pilosella flagellaris ssp. bicapitata endemic to Shetland and affected by grazing Vulnerable
Pillwort Scots Pine Lesser Butterfly Orchid Greater Butterfly Orchid
Pilularia globulifera a tiny fern from wet areas that has lost many sites Nationally Scarce
Native Pinus sylvestris is very localised compared with extensive plantations Nationally Scarce
Platanthera bifolia has lost many of its habitats and is now more frequent in the west Vulnerable
Platanthera chlorantha prefers lime-rich areas and has also suffered decline Near Threatened

Poa flexuosa

Poa glauca

Polygonatum verticillatum Holly Fern
Poa flexuosa grows in a few sites on acidic rock ledges and mountain tops Vulnerable
Poa glauca a montane species mostly in the Highlands of Scotland and declining Vulnerable
Polygonatum verticillatum restricted to ravines in the southern Highlands Vulnerable
Polysticum lonchitis a montane fern on lime-rich rocks that appears to be declining Vulnerable
Potentilla crantzii Potentilla tabernaemonti Rock Cinquefoil Primula scotica
Potentilla crantzii ususally montane on lime-rich rocks and ledges Nationally Scarce
Potentilla tabernaemonti on sunnny, lime-rich rocks with fewer sites in Scotland Nationally Scarce
Potentilla rupestris two stable sites in Scotland (and only two in Wales) Endangered
Primula scotica on short turf on dunes and cliffs on north coast and Orkney Nationally Scarce
Pseudorchis albida Pyrola media Round-leaved Wintergreen Scottish Dock
Pseudorchis albida on upland pasture but losses on lowland sites especially in the south Vulnerable
Pyrola media grows in slightly lime-rich woods and heathland but declining Vulnerable
Pyrola rotundifolia ssp rotundifolia on hills, woodland and riverbanks Nationally Scarce
Rumex aquaticus in limited area on marshes around Loch Lomond Vulnerable

Sagina saginoides

Sagina saginoides grows at high altitudes on exposed ground without competition Endangered