From coast to summit - The Target 8 Project Sa - Si

Species in bold are either in cultivation or stored as seed

Sagina nivalis Salix arbuscula
Woolly Willow
Salix lapponum
Sagina nivalis grows on only a few open, naturally eroding sites in the Ben Lawers area Vulnerable
Salix arbuscula grows on lime-rich rocks in the Central Highlands Nationally Scarce
Salix lanata grows in north-facing montane sites in a diminishing number of sites Vulnerable
Salix lapponum grows on steep ground and is restricted by grazing Vulnerable
Salix myrsinites Salix reticulata prickly Saltwort Saxifraga cernua
Salix myrsinites montane species on lime-rich areas but numbers are declining Endangered
Salix reticulata small plant at a diminishing number of montane sites Nationally Scarce
Salsola kali ssp kali is a sandy shore annual affected by too much trampling Vulnerable
Saxifraga cernua very localised montane distribution, sensitive to disturbance. Vulnerable

Saxifraga cespitosa

Saxifraga hirculus Mossy Saxifrage Saxifraga rivularis
Saxifraga cespitosa grows in crevices and boulder screes in a few sites Endangered
Saxifraga hirculus grows in a few wet flushes and mires, not currently in cultivation Vulnerable
Saxifraga hypnoides grows mostly in the mountains but seems to be declining Vulnerable
Saxifraga rivularis grows high in dripping crevices on north-facing rocks Nationally Rare
Scheuchzeria palustris Schoenus ferrugineus Scleranthus annua Sedum villosum
Scheuchzeria palustris is localised around Rannoch moor. All southern sites gone Nationally Rare
Schoenus ferrugineous is very localised in lime-rich flushes in Perthshire Nationally Rare
Scleranthus annus grows in disturbed ground and has disappeared from many sites Endangered
Sedum villosum grows in upland flushes but is showing continued decline Nationally Scarce
Sibbaldia procumbens
No photograph


Sibbaldia procumbens is found in the Highlands in areas of late snow-lie and is declining Vulnerable
Silene nutans mainly southern but still survives in the St Cyrus area Nationally Scarce