This is the jumping of point for resources related to the plants of the islands.

History of Botanical Exploration History of Botanical Exploration In this article Tony miller surveys the course that scientific botanical exploration has taken on the Soqotra islands over the last 200 years. The article also has sections that deal with floristic aspects of the vegetation and its conservation.

Plants and People People and Plants on the Island of Soqotra In this article Miranda Morris gives an introduction to the ways in which the plants of Soqotra provide a vital life support mechanism for the people of the islands. The article has an Introduction followed by sections on: Plants as Fuel Plants as Building Materials Plants as Food Plants as Livestock Fodder Other Plant Uses A Few Individual Plants and Conservation and Development .

Panoramas Panoramas As part of the vegetation assessment on the island a series of panoramic photomontages are being produced. These images give a vivid impression of the structure of the vegetation.

Panoramas Herbarium Guide We have produced an illustrated guide to mounting herbarium specimens. Read more about it and have a look at the pictures we used here .

Ethnoflora Read about the Ethnoflora that is acting as a major focus of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh's work on Soqotra.

Saving the Flora Saving the Flora: An article by Diccon Alexander and Tony Miller discussing the conservation of the flora of the islands.

Comming Soon a complete checklist of the vascular plants.