Angiopteris angustifolia C.Presl




Angiopteris angustifolia C.Presl, Suppl. Tent. Pterid.: 21. 1845; Boonkerd et al., Thai For. Bull. (Bot.) 32: 9. 2004.


Terrestrial. Rhizome short, with a massive fleshy stock. Stipes green, swollen at the base. Fronds bipinnate, to 600 cm long; pinnae to 200 cm long, pinnules to 20 cm long and 12–17 mm wide; veins all free. Sori of two close rows of sporangia attached along a vein near its apex, sporangia dehiscing along slits on the side facing the vein .

Distribution in Thailand

PENINSULAR: Narathiwat.

Wider Distribution

W Malesia.


By streams in open areas over 1000 m.

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