Arachniodes subreflexipinna (Ogata) Ching




Arachniodes subreflexipinna (Ogata) Ching, Acta Bot. Sin. 10(3): 260. 1962; Boonkerd & Pollawatn, Pterid. Thailand: 200. 2000. – Dryopteris subreflexipinna Ogata, J. Jap. Bot. 11: 30, f. 2. 1935. – Acrorumohra subreflexipinna (Ogata) H.Ito in Nakai & Honda, Nov. Fl. Jap. 4: 102. 1938; Shieh et al., Fl. Taiwan ed. 2, 1: 303. 1994.


Terrestrial. Rhizome short, erect or ascending, scaly. Stipes to 45 cm long, green, sparsely scaly; lamina to 40 cm long, quadripinnate, overall lamina shape ovate, thin, glabrous, rachis somewhat zigzag; pinnae 7–8 pairs, ultimate segments oblong to ovate, margin undulate or dentate; veins free. Sori terminal on the veins.

Distribution in Thailand

NORTHERN: Phitsanulok.

Wider Distribution


Proposed IUCN Conservation Assessment

Data Deficient (DD). This distribution of this species is rather obscure as it is currently only known from Taiwan and one collection from Thailand.

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