Lindsaea cambodgensis Christ




Lindsaea cambodgensis Christ, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 1: 58. 1909. – Type: Bouillod 61, Cambodia, Kampot, Kamchay (P).


Rhizome long creeping; scales small, linear, brown. Stipe dark reddish-brown to almost black, shiny, glabrous, 10–18 cm long. Laminae monomorphic, bipinnate at base, rarely with the basal pinnule again forked to appear tripinnate, becoming pinnate towards frond apex, 10.5–11.5 by 4.6–8 cm, 12–15 pairs of pinnae; basal pinnae 3.1–4.8 by 1.4–1.7 cm; leaflets flabellate, lobed, margins dentate. Sori marginal; indusia glabrous, margins dentate or rather irregularly lobed .

Distribution in Cambodia


Proposed IUCN Conservation Assessment

Data Deficient (DD). This species is only known from the type collection.


This species has generally been synonymised into either Lindsaea tenera or Lindsaea bouillodii although Kramer, in Flora Malesiana, notes that his earlier synonymisation was a mistake, presumably implying that he considered it a good species .  We recognise it here although it is known only from the type collection.  Further collections and research is needed to establish its relationship with Lindsaea bouillodii and  L. chienii.  The size ranges in the description are narrow due to the lack of material.

Voucher specimens - Cambodia

Bouillod 61, Kampot, Kamchay (P).

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