Syngramma alismifolia (C.Presl) J.Sm.


Pteridaceae, subfamily Pteridoideae


Syngramma alismifolia (C.Presl) J.Sm., Lond. J. Bot. 4: 168, t. 7–8, f. B. 1845; Bedd., Handb. Ferns Brit. India: 389, f. 224. 1883; Tardieu & C.Chr., Fl. Indo-Chine 7(2): 188. 1940; Holttum, Rev. Fl. Malaya ed. 1, 2: 581, f. 342. 1955 [‘1954’]; Tagawa & K.Iwats., Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 25: 18. 1971; Holttum, Kew Bull. 30: 329. 1975; Tagawa & K.Iwats., Fl. Thailand 3: 185, f. 14. 4. 1985; Boonkerd & Pollawatn, Pterid. Thailand: 125. 2000. – Diplazium alismifolium C.Presl, Reliq. Haenk. 1: 49, t. 8, f. 3. 1825.


Rhizome short creeping or ascending, up to 4 mm diam., bearing crowded fronds, covered with bristles; bristles stiff, dark brown to nearly black, shining, up to 3 mm long. Stipes up to about 30 cm long, bright dark brown, polished, bristle-like at base, glabrous upwards, grooved on abaxial surface. Frond simple, oblong, caudately acuminate at apex, round to cuneate at base, entire, broadest at 1/5 way from base, 15–25 cm long, up to 9 cm broad, subcoriaceous, midrib grooved on upper surface, distinctly raised beneath, purple; veins forming an angle of 45°–60° to midrib, simple, straight, forming one or two rows of areoles near the margin, hardly visible on lower surface, slightly raised on upper surface. Sori elongate along almost the whole length of the veins; paraphyses with bright red enlarged apical cells.

Distribution in Thailand

PENINSULAR: Surat Thani, Narathiwat.

Distribution in Cambodia

Siem Reap.

Wider Distribution

Throughout Malesia, north to S Indochina.


On banks of streams near sea level.

Proposed IUCN Conservation Assessment

Least Concern (LC). This species is widespread outside of Thailand and not under any known threat.

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