Tectaria laotica Tardieu & C.Chr.




Tectaria laotica Tardieu & C.Chr., Notul. Syst. 7: 94. 1938; Tardieu & C.Chr., Fl. Indo-Chine 7(2): 408, f. 46,1–2. 1941; Tagawa & K.Iwats., Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 26: 60. 1974; Tagawa & K.Iwats., Fl. Thailand 3: 376. 1988; Boonkerd & Pollawatn, Pterid. Thailand: 214. 2000; Newman et al., Checkl. Vasc. Pl. Lao PDR: 32. 2007. – Type: Poilane 16087 (BM), Laos.

Tectaria sp.: Holttum, Dansk Bot. Ark. 20: 31. 1961.


Similar to Tectaria simonsii in appearance, different in: stipe and rachis deep purplish, polished; sori usually confined to near the very margin of leaflets, at apex of short lobes and terminal on the main veins.

Distribution in Thailand


Distribution in Laos


Wider Distribution



In evergreen forests at the top of Phu Kradueng.

Similar species

Tectaria simonsii (Baker) Ching

Proposed IUCN Conservation Assessment

Data Deficient (DD). This species is known from one relatively well protected site in Thailand but its wider distribution and status in Laos are uncertain.

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