Original Report from WFS Magazine

2004 Windsor Hill Marsh and Ham Woods 31st July One Day Meeting

A very hot day found only three members joining me for a stroll around Windsor Hill Marsh where we had to hunt for some time before finding Blysmus compressus (flat- sedge) and Eleocharis uniglumis (slender spike-rush). A large patch of Lythrum salicaria (purple-loosestrife) gave a big splash of purple to the otherwise green marsh.

Moving on to Ham Woods where Campanula trachelium (nettle-leaved bellflower) with its tall purple spikes of bells seemed to be everywhere. Pyrola rotundifolia(round-leaved wintergreen) took some finding in the only known site for it in Somerset. Even though there were over a hundred flowering spikes on the patch only a handful had flowers open. A stand of Paris quadrifolia (herb-Paris) was showing off the single blue/black fruit held above the whorl of four leaves.

Our final destination took us to a steep grassy slope above the A371. A patch of Senecio fluviatilis (broad-leaved ragwort) was just coming into flower. To the other extreme Sedum stellatum (starry stonecrop) was a mass of dead brown spikes scattered about the bare open areas on the slope.