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Useful links

Checklist of UK recorded Salicaceae

Species Action Plan for Salix lanata

ARKive Salix lanata page - some information and images

Den virtuella floran - Excellent willow images from the Swedish Museum of Natural History with links to Scandinavian and circum-polar distribution maps (text in Swedish).

NBN interactive species mapper - allows you to view UK species records with a range of overlays and backgrounds.

BSBI databases - Taxa, literature and cytology databases

The Vascular Plant Red Data List for Great Britain (2005) - downloadable .pdf file from JNCC website

Montane Scrub - web version of the booklet written by Mike Scott for the SNH Natural Heritage Management series.

JNCC feature information for sub-arctic willow scrub

Arctic-Alpine fungi of the English Lake District

Alpine mushrooms of the Rocky Mountains - several montane willow hosts

Highland Birchwoods - Montane Scrub Restoration project

Climate Change: Scottish implications scoping study - Scottish Executive

Scottish Natural Heritage

National Trust for Scotland



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