Publications by David Mann:

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PhD Dissertation, University of Bristol

Mann, D.G. (1978). Studies in the Nitzschiaceae (Bacillariophyta). Vols 1 & 2. xxxiii + 386 pp. + 146 plates. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Bristol.


Chapter 6 (pdfs)

The currently accepted name for this genus is Entomoneis. Recent molecular studies using 18S rDNA and rbcL sequences (e.g. L.K. Medlin & I. Kaczmarska (2004) Phycologia 43: 245-270 for 18S rDNA; Mann et al., unpublished, for rbcL) show that there is no close phylogenetic link between Entomoneis and Nitzschia, in contrast to the suggestion made in my dissertation.

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